Sweet o’l Oxford


Swinging with Makayla and mom!

Swinging with Makayla and mom!

Today I am going to Oxford for Mother’s Day with my mom. We are going to to Oxford park, and later on the ice cream place!(Scottish Creamery) I can’t wait!!:) Someday, I will have an ice cream job, and I just might work there! I would give all my friends and family free ice cream, of course! Yet again, I could get in trouble with my boss. And then also, it might ruin the business. Well, If I can’t give it to them for free, I guess I’ll just lower the charge!😊🍦 This is hopefully my life’s plan:

β€’Work at the Scottish Creamery

β€’ Become a dolphin trainer

β€’ Become a horse rider

β€’ Become a well known(but not famous) Christian singer

β€’ Retire and become a mom
I did not list the big details:)

FUN FACT: When a raccoon washes its food, it is not really washing it, as it might appear. Actually, it is get its food moist enough to eat, because raccoons have NO saliva glands! Other times, they still “wash” there food nowhere near water! That’s because they are running their paws over their food to make sure there isn’t any rough or icky parts on it!

sitting in a chair


Hello, Robin!

One day I was sitting inside, when my little sister came running out and was yelling: “ROBINS NEST!! ROBINS NEST!!” I ran outside as fast as I could and there it was: a Robin nest still in the process of being built!! Each day after the nest was finished, it layed an egg in it every day! Yesterday there was four, but now there might be even more!😊🐦